Who We Are

Empower girls in foster care.

Imagine a little girl that you know and love being placed in foster care.  Not only is she removed from her home, but in many cases, she is separated from siblings, classmates, her dolls, and everything that is familiar to her.  And to make matters worse, her belongings are placed in a trash bag!

When 9-year-old Jordan West learned that girls living in foster care often had to put their clothes and belongings in garbage bags as they moved from house to house, she wanted to help!  While many elementary school girls spent their summer swimming, playing,  and going on vacation with their families, Jordan kept herself busy by doing something that would greatly benefit others. She spent this time planning “Princess Parties” to help warm the hearts of
little girls living in foster care.

After attending a spa birthday party for her friend in 2016, Jordan came home and declared that “every little girl deserves to be a princess for a day.”  From there, the Princess for a Day movement was born!

As a subsidiary of Champions of Change, Inc., Princess for a Day strives to create memorable, empowering, once in a lifetime experiences for girls living in foster care to show them that they are loved and that they matter!

Our Mission

Making sure that girls in foster care feel loved

Promoting the right and well-being of every girl, in everything we do.

Supporting foster care programs for girls across the country.

Focus on reaching the most vulnerable children, to improve their self esteem.

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